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The parties undertake not to share any confidential information they receive from each other with third parties and information during the execution of the agreement and after the expiration of the agreement for any reason, unless such information is requested by official authorities. Each party agrees to consider any information of the other party obtained through the execution of this agreement to be a secret, not to share such information with third parties without the written permission of the other party, not to publish, not to disclose or to avoid such conduct that leads to the publication of the information. The parties agree and undertake not to be in a state of distortion of competition with each other, not to infringe intellectual and industrial property rights, not to carry out actions or proceedings that affect the commercial prestige of the other party. The parties ensure that they will never share the documentation and confidential information, trade secrets (know-how), business and marketing plans and projects, financial reports with third parties, even if the agreement expires, unless applicable law, legislation or legal process require otherwise. If any of the parties and employees are hesitant about whether information is confidential, they will consider such information confidential and act accordingly unless the other party states otherwise. Each party undertakes to take all measures to prevent the disclosure or dissemination by its employees or agents of confidential information that violates the provisions of this Agreement. The parties undertake that they will not attempt anything that might violate the know-how and trade secrets of the other party; that any party will not use the know-how, information/data of the other party; that they will consider the mentioned know-how (even if the know-how is partially changed) as a secret, even when this agreement expires; that they will share this information with their own employees within the scope of the confidentiality provision in case they have to share this information with those in the scope of services.